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‹1-hour downtime
+/- 200 photos per blade
Minimal risk

Operated by a 1A certified team

Wind energy

With the help of our specialised UAV system, we can quickly and safely inspect the blades of a wind turbine. HAVIQ provides a cheaper and more efficient solution for turbine inspections than the more traditional methods such as the use of cherry pickers, sky climbers or rope access technicians.

The inspection can be carried out automatically through the built-in sensors. These sensors keep a safe distance between the drone and the wind turbine to ensure a reliable and consistent inspection is performed whilst avoiding collisions. Furthermore, the size of the defects can be determined based on these distance measurements.

Over 600 photos of professional quality are collected within an hour, after which the turbine can be started again. The photos are conveniently arranged on a cloud platform where they are analysed by a specialist.      

Thanks to the high-quality photos, every defect ranging from dirt to cracks on a blade is traced and classified. Thereby advice is given on the maintenance of the turbine blades, allowing you the customer to make informed decisions and plan the necessary repairs in time.

Given our specialization in industrial inspections, additional inspection flights of the hub and the tower are of course also a possibility.

As a member of Groep Maes (, we also offer blade repairs via Ouros. (

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