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1-hour downtime
200 photos per blade
Minimal risk

HAVIQ is specialised in wind turbine drone inspection, which needs the required knowledge and expertise. The inspection of a wind turbine by a drone goes safely, professionally and is result-oriented. Our sister company Ouros can provide you with repair services of rotor blades.

A wind turbine drone inspection leads to the clearest results

Our drones contain internal sensors which can detect the turbine blades and the tower. This way, a drone inspection can be carried out automatically. The results of a wind turbine blade analysis are always clear and consistent. More than 600 images are made by a professional high-quality camera on the drone. A few days after the inspection of the wind turbine by the drone, the images can be found on a cloud platform. We are eager to help you out when you need a suitable solution. As a member of the Maes Group, we also offer repairs of the turbine blades via our sister company which can be found at

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