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Temperature is an important factor in every process. Just think of electrical systems such as high voltage power lines and control cabinets, but also heat loss in buildings, leaky flanges in furnaces and boilers, friction phenomena, and fluid monitoring in tanks and barrels. Thermography is the analysis of thermal information obtained through contactless infrared cameras. A UAV is a suitable platform for applying this remote sensing from the air.

With the help of our powerful infrared camera, we can produce thermal aerial images of both hard-to-reach places and large areas. Our drones allow us to quickly and safely detect defects that cannot be seen with the naked eye, such as heat loss from industrial installations, hotspots on solar panels, high voltage defects and moisture and insulation problems in roofs.

In addition to thermal images, we are also able to provide thermal orthophotos, thermal 3D models and thermographic reports thanks to our ITC Thermography (level 1) certification.

Our radiometric calibrated camera enables us to perform both qualitative and quantitative thermography.
With qualitative thermography, thermal patterns can be analysed to identify and localize abnormalities. The thermal energy differences are examined and therefore, it is possible to deduce whether something is cooler or warmer than its surroundings.
With quantitative research, the seriousness of a deviation can be determined. This means that the effective temperature of an object can be measured, provided that the object is properly prepared.

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