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The chimneys that are inextricably linked to the process industry need to be inspected from time to time. Not obvious if you know that these smokestacks are at least 10 metres high, sometimes even more than 100m.

The chimneys are also regularly located in the middle of the factory, surrounded by numerous other installations. This makes them difficult to reach, and therefore difficult to inspect.

Since safety is a top priority in the industrial world, HAVIQ can help by carrying out these inspections using UAVs. There is no need to climb the chimneys anymore, as they are inspected promptly and safely from a distance, even while they are in service.

Many industrial companies have already chosen this method, and had their chimneys safely inspected by HAVIQ. Read the reference story of Total Refinery Antwerp here.


HAVIQ performs “Risk Based Inspections” for you on a regular basis, according to a tailor-made inspection scenario per smokestack.

The data is converted by HAVIQ into a detailed inspection report. Alternatively, HAVIQ develops detailed 3D models, possibly analysed by artificial intelligence, reported according to NEN2767 and eventually accessed via an interactive ‘Asset Integrity Management’ (AIM) system.


  • Visual inspections with a resolution up to 0.25 mm/px;
  • Geo-location of defects with an accuracy of 2 cm;
  • Extremely sharp and stable video recording in UHD: 4K (4096×2160) up to 25 fps;
  • High-speed video recording in HD up to 120 fps (for vibration analysis, among other things);
  • More accurate thermal inspection up to 0.015° K;
  • Position the thermal image exactly over the visual image;
  • Visualise 400 types of hydrocarbon gas leaks with an OGI camera.
  • …, etc.

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