Flare inspection

A petrochemical plant is protected by a flare installation for safety and environmental reasons. This continuously operating flare installation is of crucial importance to guarantee the production of the plant in a safe and responsible manner.

The flare installation is used to discharge flammable gases, which cannot be stored, in a safe and environmentally responsible manner by burning these gases.

For this reason, a flare installation is continuously in use during the production of the plant and to be able to stop the plant in case of an emergency or a planned shutdown.

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Our offer

How can you efficiently avoid an unforeseen shutdown? Well before a turn-around, HAVIQ gives you a razor-sharp picture of the total scope of the maintenance work to be carried out. This allows you to place orders on time, mobilize manpower and carry out all work within the available time and costs.

HAVIQ performs Risk Based Inspections for you on a regular basis, according to a customized inspection scenario per flare.

The data are converted by HAVIQ into a detailed inspection report. As an alternative, HAVIQ develops detailed 3D models, whether or not analysed using artificial intelligence, conditionally reported according to NEN2767 and accessed via an interactive Asset Integrity Management (AIM) system.

Our possibilities

  • Visual inspections with a resolution up to 0.25 mm/px;
  • Geo-locate defects to an accuracy of 2 cm;
  • Record extremely sharp and stable video footage in UHD: 4K (4096×2160) up to 25 fps;
  • Record extremely fast video footage in HD up to 120 fps (for vibration analysis, …, etc.);
  • More accurate thermal inspection up to 0.015° K;
  • Place the thermal image exactly over the visual image;
  • Visualize 400 types of hydrocarbon gas leaks with an OGI camera.
  • …, etc.