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Industrial inspections

Inspectors must regularly check large and hard-to-reach objects such as bridges, tall buildings, chimneys, dams, locks and technical installations. Traditionally, this was always carried out by rope access technicians or with cherry pickers and scaffolding. These traditional inspection methods are expensive, time-consuming and not applicable in all places. In recent years, drones have played an increasingly important role. They are equipped with professional cameras generating crystal clear images that can be viewed in a safe environment in the office. We fly 360° around the object which is to be inspected and can view every aspect accurately, quickly and efficiently.

We are experienced in the (petro) chemical industry, the oil and gas industry, the (wind) energy and the building industry.
We are also active in the nuclear sector and monument conservation.

The energy sector, for example, has many installations, almost all of which require maintenance. Inspecting these installations results in many hours of work and must often be performed in challenging conditions.
Furthermore, certain inspections were even impossible to carry out in the past. High voltage pylons in wooded areas are difficult to reach and are vulnerable due to falling branches that can damage the cables and insulators. The only way to assess this damage is by inspection from above. Our drones can map this and because the GPS location is recorded with each photo taken, faults can easily be traced again.

We can create a virtual 3D model or digital twin from these photos at a later stage which is an added benefit for both the inspector and customer. The geometry and photo quality of the 3D model contain a tremendous amount of detail.

All our findings are professionally reported and discussed with you.

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Industrial inspections
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