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An industrial drone inspection is the perfect way to inspect an industrial area quickly and accurately. The drone is a very important technical invention in the 21st century, as it can make things more efficient, safer and controllable at the same time. A drone inspection can offer you very useful and specific results that you may have never thought of. This is why the HAVIQ drone experts are so interested and specialised in drone technology and, among other things, industrial drone inspection.

An industrial drone inspection: a clear and result-oriented procedure

Because of the efficiency of a drone, you do not need to organise an industrial inspection with a large number of people. This way, you can save a lot of time, and receive accurate results which are very useful in the long term. Many factories and power plants have to be maintained frequently and to protect them from all kinds of calamities. Our VCA- certified drone pilots are able to safely inspect areas and concisely report on the results. As such, they can create 360° imagery or a detailed 3D- image of a certain construction or terrain and use infrared cameras. This way, malfunctions can be located and solved more easily. An industrial drone inspection by HAVIQ is carried out according to the most accurate and professional procedures, by the most talented and enthusiastic drone pilots.

Specialised in different industries and areas

We are experienced in, among others, (petro)chemistry, nuclear sites, oil and gas applications. The wind industry too is part of our professional expertise. Call +32 3 466 15 30 to discuss all the services we offer, or send your questions via the contact form on our website.

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