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Inspecting confined and dangerous spaces such as fireplaces, tanks, pipes and other industrial installations is a time-consuming and risky process. Using a drone reduces both time investment and costs as well as risk.

The Flyability Elios is the first collision-tolerant drone, thanks to its protective frame. This UAV is equipped with an HD camera, a small thermal camera and Powerful LED lights on the top, front and bottom. Yet it passes easily through most manholes. With this well-equipped drone, our experienced pilots can fly into small, confined and complex spaces without having to enter.

The Elios can also be used to perform inspections in high spaces, eliminating the need for ropes or scaffolding, thus saving a great deal of time and money.

Our drone can be deployed quickly, as aviation rules do not apply to indoor flying, nor are permits for accessing confined spaces required.

The challenge that is presented by indoor inspections is the lack of GPS. Further to this, the compass often cannot be functionally used due to the presence of many metals in the given area. But, thanks to the Flyability Elios and our experienced pilots, we can record the images you require.

In high and low spaces Safe and cost-reducing

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