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When you want to inspect a large industrial area, or the inside of a factory, it is a good idea to let these difficult projects be executed by drone inspection companies. HAVIQ is the right place to if you require an expert in working with this technologically advanced instrument. We are one of the most professional drone inspection companies and have the best services that are needed for every kind of inspection. You will be amazed by all the functions that drones have, and the results they can yield.

Drone inspection services that are safe, efficient and result-oriented

Over time, constructions that are complex have to be inspected for defects and unsafe situations. We always comply with high safety standards; our drone pilots are VCA-certified and know exactly what they have to do in every kind of space. For example, when a drone inspects the inside of a building, it cannot damage anything because of its crash resistant protection. Every drone inspection needs its own services and technological gear, such as 360° and infrared cameras and professional survey reports. Therefore, when you are searching for drone inspection companies, HAVIQ always offers you the most suitable service and equipment. We also offer you a service that includes starting-up the necessary procedures for solving detected defects or other problems. So, with the help of drones, you will never have to deal with time-consuming and complex inspection projects anymore!

You can always count on professional and reliable results

Inspection of electricity pylons, solar panels and hard-to-reach construction points, everything can be inspected. We are unique among the drone inspection companies that are specialised in working in the wind industry, which requires, like more specific industries, its own specific knowledge and experience. In short, we offer a wide range of drone inspection services that guarantee safety and long-term results. Do you want more information? Call +32 3 466 15 30 and we will be happy to help you.

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