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Inspections of industrial cathedrals

Inspections of industrial cathedrals Would you like to know more about HAVIQ’s flare inspections? Safety is a top priority in the industrial world. This is no different at Total Refinery Antwerp. The chimneys, which are inextricably linked to the...

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Presentation cathedral gr monument x de naeyer

That we made a model of the cathedral tower is now old news. If you missed this, you can read more about it here. However, we had the honor to talk about this at the workshop of a student group. This workshop was organized by the KU...

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Inspection wind turbines France

The first blade inspections also start with the first sun. Last week our team in France was under the windmills for the first blades of the season. The turbines with a blade length of 57 m were inspected in just under one hour per...

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Customer event

On May 16, our colleagues from Maes hoogwerkers organized an event to show their latest 90m cherry picker with a lateral reach of 42m, and to offer their customers a view from above. We also sent an invitation to our customers to show...

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